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General Photographs

Canads Goose on final approach

Moon over Newtown Common featured on South Today Weather.

Sailing ship coming into Poole Harbour.

Tired Beetle getting a piggy back home (sounds fair enough to me).

Ready for Take off - Bee on Comfrey flower


This ones cute.

The RFA Sir Galahad leaving Southampton Water 18/9/05

Whale migration off the coast of Fuerteventura, enjoy the boat trip, and you wont be disappointed, Expect to see a whale, you might be.

West Bay Dorset Morning 22/10

"Looked a Great Party from where I was laying"

They arn,t going to believe you

Hoverflys on Thistle Head

Sunshine, Ripple Marks, and Sea Lettuce

Winter Swans

Duddy and Spuddy

Heres our early morning visitor that leaves a nice three foot trim line around the shrubs

Dudley,s Portrait

Arty one of some Daffs

Honey Fungus

Spring Violets


Grass Snake Natrix natrix hunting in the canal.

Weeping Pear flower

Fagus sylvatica after spring rain

Remnant of an Old Woodland in Spring

Dandelion Clock

Sailing Boats off Bournemouth 29/6

Raindrop in Pond fast film speed

Nettle evening light

Early Morning Spider mid Summer

Bournemouth Beach on the Hottest day of the year so far, Wed 19 July 06

Bert Kitten

August Morning

Newtown Common Late Summer

Sunrise Newtown Common 3/10/06

Annika and Gemmy on a Trampoline Oct 06

MSC Napoli, Branscombe, 1/2/07, lousy weather for pix

Spring Snowdrops

March 07

Fagus Leaves Sunlight 1

Floating Hotel Kennet and Avon Canal